Nuchatlitz BC 2014 Bob

At this stage of our trip, it’s seemed good to us to take stock of what we were doing.

We sailed, not for tourism, to see or to do what you “must” absolutely “do”. No, we sailed because it’s what we have always done, perhaps because we don’t know how to do differently. Our life is a life of nomads, it’s why we don’t have any home, any material link on earth except our boat. We have always wanted to leave, it’s what we have done in our job, it’s what we are going doing now. When we dock somewhere, as when we were sailing in the Merchant Navy, we are first seen as sailors and not as tourists, even if we are often rich strangers in the eyes of those who look us arriving. It’s not an endless race or  a bulimia. We like to take our time and to travel is for us discover, a country, people, it’s live their own life, learn their language when we have time. So they are some bits of life put together where we have been sometimes spectators, at moments actors. We left away many things of this modern world, as TV or cars, this endless consumption, but we keep the web, the posibility to be informed and communicate takes much more importance, as it keeps the link with those we love and we are longing for, family and friends.                                                                                                                                       As long as we could, as long our strengh and health will permit it, we will sail, we don’t think to stop, there will always be a place where we will want to let go our anchor for some time. We will not go in all the places we wanted, there will always be ones where the weather, regulations or pirats will prevent it, but Earth is wide enough for us to be satisfied in tramping.

We can’t tell you all, show you all, we hide our small or big miseries, but we keep the link with you, it’s as important for us that to sail around this world.                                                                We sail also for those who can’t do it or cannot do it anymore, those who left us are still with us, they are still  in our minds. Our books, parts of humanity, travel with us, their autors often  preceded us.                                                                                                                                                    And there is “Skøiern”, our boat which is a marvellous passport and help us to take the first contact. Because she is beautiful, of course, but also because  her silhouette, her lines don’t leave anybody indifferent.
The sea is our domain but we can’t stop discovering the sight of nature, to go alongside animals, lands, trees. The night watchs are full of stars, of noises and strange voices, misterious breaths, fugitives lights, the nights at anchor full of  cries of birds  and other toads, frogs and crickets….
This world is huge, we watch it, but we are also  witness of man’s madness whichs seems to wanted to destroy it. We would  to share our ideas, our feelings, succeed and show that it’s possible to live without destroying, that’s it’s more than time to protect what we can spare, to stop this blindly flight, stupid and steril, which could make us all disappear. We are not owners of this earth, we are merely the tenants, and we don’t pay the rent. The cult of money, consumption , rentability are feeded  only by nature looting. It time to shout it if we don’t want to give to our children and granchildren anything else than ruins.

Our earth is unique, we can’t renew it.


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