100 years !

100 years ! One century that “MARS/SKØIERN” went out of Jørgensen og Viik shipyard, in Grimstad, Norway. Christian Jensen can be proud, his first 12 meter is still alive. More, she is not languishing in a museum, no, she is sailing on the seas of the world. For sure we have something to do with this, we have sailed some 100 000 nautical miles since the day I discoverd her, stranding alonside the Moulin Blanc slip, in Brest. There have been hazars, stories, crews, Captains, to get to this point, get trough war, abandons, bad moments. But her star is here, she’s shining and protect her.
Now, we will go on sailing with our centenarian, we will get old together, in our common elements, the sea, the winds and open sea birds.
We are very happy

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