From Rio to Salvador the track go trough the Abrolhos archipelago, were we went 5 years ago, and this time we are sure to see whales.And the whales, we saw them, and very, very close ! First the australs, the ones we prefer, inquisitive, quiet, who like to stay head down, the tail right out of the water. Then the humpbacks, who came here to mate and breed their calves. And here, during the day, a first collision. A tremendous shock, then the whale alongside, groggy but aparently not wounded. Then a second one with her baby. After the collision she will erect herself out of the water, overlooking Anne Marie, her calf stuck to her, as afraid as ourselves. There will be a third one, at night that time. We decide then to start the engine, even if there was a good wind, but we are worried for our boat and we can bear to hurt these poor animals, tired with their long journey from Antarctica. They don’t seem to hear us and we will discover later, in Salvador, the marks left on the hull by their fins, always deep, that leads us to think that they are also surprised by the draft of Skoiern. We will try to diffuse music in the water, to wake them….Perhaps they will love Mozart ?


Salvador, once again in Bahia Marina to drydock. This time Daniel will help us we start to be old….

We will see the solar eclipse, just before the sunset on Itaparica. Poor Itaparica island, at the eve of our departure a “lancha”will upset in the bad weather, making numerous victims. All Salvador is in mourning.

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