Rio, Manon, Enzo

Manon and Enzo. 3 years ago , we made the promise that they will join us in Rio, and now they are here with us, at the root of the Pan de Azucar, anchored in front of Urca beach ! Rio , they have enjoyed : the Corcovado, where the Christ Redemptor overlook the rich districs and the favelas, the Pan de Azucar, the beaches, Copacabana and Ipanema….One day of sailing to reach Ilha Grande, its beaches, anchorages, trails without cars, meet the hauling monkeys we can hear as sunrise, and also the mischievous makis in the woods.
Back to Urca we will meet again the friend Anderson, who sleep on the beach, Giovani on his yacht “San Antonio”, the Fernando brothers who visit us with their kayak, a whole little world it will be difficult to leave.
Manon and Enzo are going back, we are full of reunion, of cards games ( do you know “La vache” ?), of bathings, of memories, just enough to wait next year, in the Azores Islands.

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